Stiper are small and spongy crystallized silicon discs SiO2 (quartz)  which are used to heal the body through the transmission of their vibrational charge. Their special features such as their neutralizing effect are due to the exhaustive physical and environmental conditions of light, sound and repose that occur during their process of crystallization.
To be able to “feel it”, it is important to be in a relaxed environment, only then will you be able to  feel the heartbeat of the quartz.
First of all, rub your hands together to stimulate the palm chakra.
Then, place a Stiper in the center of the palm.
Breathe deeply three times, while relaxing the muscles and concentrating your attention on the Stiper.
Within a few minutes, you will begin to notice a slight tickle or sensation of heat. 
Each person will notice the vibration of the Stiper in their own way.
Now let's let Stiper be the one to introduce itself
One of the basic properties of quartz crystals is their intelligent regulation of our energy: energy is dispersed when excessive and raised when deficient. Furthermore, alchemy considers silicon to be a stimulant and a spiritual cleanser which sharpens intelligence, installs serenity and calms stressful conditions.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that we use such an element in healing therapy.
When using quartz crystals in healing, we are working with the systems that feed, nurture and repair the cellular levels of the physical body. Quartz crystals exert a powerful effect, correcting patterns of unbalanced energy; a prime causal factor in many slight physical discomforts or disease symptoms.
What you are feeling is your own energy which the Stiper is amplifying, balancing and returning to you.
Stiper puncture represents a new therapeutic approach that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional acupuncture, thereby providing universal access to a therapy of proven results. Furthermore, through their use we can easily obtain the benefits of quartz crystals, whose proven effects have been noted over many centuries
Acupuncture WITHOUT needles
The main properties of Stiper Quars
Quartz crystals have the capacity to retain memory in the same way as water does. We can call on
the magnificent work done by Masaru Emoto, who was able to show how human consciousness
affects the molecular structure of water and Diamond Water created by the French/Belgian quantum
physicist, Joel Ducatillon. Diamond water acts as an encoding device which imprints and records
the verbalized intentions and transmits their coded memory.  When swallowed, Diamond Water
reduces the level of burdensome cellular memories. And of course, we should also mention the
work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of today’s homeopathy, and the great breakthroughs in
the field of medicine that have been made over the last 200 years by using water’s ability to store
information in its memory and having the capacity to be programmed.  It is no coincidence that the
most abundant elements in nature, silicon and water, both possess the ability to store information;
therefore, when we concentrate our attention and formulate a desire, this information is collected by
the quartz, stored and then later transmitted to people, plants or animals to neutralize or balance
the electromagnetic waves present.
Stiper Quars can be used to treat any type of muscle or joint pain, but if they are also placed upon
bio-active, reflex or acupuncture points, these areas or points receive a unique intelligent stimulus
affecting physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disorders. Thereby making Stiper Quars
particularly effective in the following cases:
Rheumatic pains
Prevention and recovery from sports
Aesthetics and beauty
Circulatory problems
Gynecological problems such as:
Premenstrual syndrome
Psycho-emotional disorders:
Stress, anxiety
Stiper Quars can be used by everybody since they have no
contraindications or side effects.
There are two ways to hold the Stiper in place:
Standard, Leave the Stipers from 30 to 45
minutes on chakras, acupuncture points or reflex
Permanent Stimulation, Leave the Stipers from
1 to 6 days, depending on the condition being
treated.  Renew them depending on the skin type
or emotional charge.  For example, for joint pain
leave the Stipers from 2 to 6 days (usually 3
days) and for emotional problems of anxiety or
stress it is best to renew the Stipers everyday for
2 to 3 days, depending on the rate of
Method of use:
Place the Stiper on the skin in selected points or zones and secure them with small strips of
adhesive tape (2.5 x 3cm). They can then be left in place until there is an improvement in the
condition of pain, disease, stagnation or blockage of energy.
The Stiper works in two fields: Physical and the Energetic
The physical action: applied in painful or acupuncture points, we achieve an anti-inflammatory effect, giving more blood and oxygen to the body, it becomes well nourished, and as a result, it’s regenerated faster.
Another benefit  is to treat the pain and to release endorphins, which modified the painful perception in the spinal cord, thalamus, midbrain and cerebral cortex. Therefore, the endorphins act as analgesics.
Energetic level: using quartz crystals we work with the systems that feed, cure and repair the cellular or molecular levels of the human body. The Quartz has powerful effects to correct unbalanced energy patterns, than could be the cause of the illnesses symptoms. Stiper absorbs the body's erratic and confused energy; transforms it, and then returns it in a controlled and gradual manner: constantly re-establishing and balancing the body's energy.
AcuWave Disk
Stimulate All Energetic Systems of the Body
Stiper  absorbs the body’s erratic and confused energy; transforms it,  and then  returns it  in a controlled and gradual manner: constantly  re-establishing and balancing  the body’s energy