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Experience the Qi (energy)

Experience the Qi (energy)

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Quartz crystals have the capacity to retain memory in the same way as water does. We can call on the magnificent work done by Masaru Emoto, who was able to show how human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water and Diamond Water created by the French/Belgian quantum physicist, Joel Ducatillon. Diamond water acts as an encoding device which imprints and records the verbalized intentions and transmits their coded memory.  When swallowed, Diamond Water reduces the level of burdensome cellular memories. And of course, we should also mention the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of today’s homeopathy, and the great breakthroughs in the field of medicine that have been made over the last 200 years by using water’s ability to store information in its memory and having the capacity to be programmed.  It is no coincidence that the most abundant elements in nature, silicon and water, both possess the ability to store information; therefore, when we concentrate our attention and formulate a desire, this information is collected by the quartz, stored and then later transmitted to people, plants or animals to neutralize or balance the electromagnetic waves present.

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